Sanitaryware Products

KIP’s Home & Bath products consist mainly of Sanitaryware products (such as toilet seats) and bathroom accessories. They are known for their very high hygiene rating due to the use of strong, non-porous, non-staining materials. Can be used for home, office, hotels, schools, hospitals… anywhere where washrooms can be found.

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Toilet Seat - Heavy Duty (HD)

The HD Toilet Seat & Cover is KIP's premium toilet (lavatory) seat & cover made with first g..


Toilet Seat - Light Duty (LD)

The LD Toilet Seat & Cover is the most recent addition to KIP's Home & Bath line of products..


Toilet Seat - Super Light Duty (SLD)

The SLD Toilet Seat & Cover is KIP's original, classic, toilet seat primarily for residential us..


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